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All LYTHINA GRAHAM wanted was some prophetic advice about her non-existent love life. But, when she left the comfort of her home in mythic Hyrendell Village to seek out the fabled Oracle of Meaden, she unknowingly set in motion a divine prophecy that would determine not only her own destiny, but the fate of her entire kingdom as well!

Lythina’s journey is cut short when she loses her mind inside an impenetrable bank of fog out at sea.  Her heartbeat accelerates out of control and she quickly faints, falling unconscious into the icy ocean. The young lady awakes to find her spiritual life birthed by a vomit of salt water upon a mysterious island shore.  As her strength gradually returns, Lythina learns that she has traveled through the gateway of fog to the Isle of Illumination, a place where half-dead souls go to focus solely upon spiritual development, specializing in superhuman abilities.  Within months, Lythina blossoms like never before.  And though she falls in love with its immaculate serenity, she knows her time upon the Isle of Illumination is limited.  Realizing she has a chance to travel back to Hyrendell to fulfill the foretold prophecy, Lythina reluctantly bids farewell to her newfound friends before braving the gateway of fog once more. 

Once she returns back into the physical world, onto the shores of her beloved Hyrendell, all of her happiness disappears when she finds the evil King has declared her entire lineage traitors to the crown, immediately punishable by death.  And they’re looking for her!  Bolstering her resolution with the lessons learned upon the Isle of Illumination, Lythina Graham embarks upon an unbelievable journey that will bring her to the precipice of her destiny, the edges of her faith, and the ultimate resolution of a prophecy that began a thousand years.

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